A 180 degree turn

180 degree turn
The passenger ship from Helsinki has to make a 180 degree turn to dock at the pier. Amazing how they manage that in that narrow strait. Do you see the giraffe on the dry dock?

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  1. I´m always amazed by this huge ships moneuvring in areas, much too small for my taste 😉 great documentary shot.

  2. i can’t imagine how they maneuver in tight spots. i like the lines in this.

  3. This would be a good example of incorporating ‘video’ of the 180 movement into your awesome blog (This and the one of ‘Flying Fanny’ : -)

  4. A fine harbor scene shot. That is amazing that they can maneuver in such a small space. Nice shot.

  5. Haha… This picture must be seen in XL.

  6. HAHAHA. LOVE the giraffe, Frida. 😀

  7. Cool shot! I experienced the incredible maneuverability of these giant boats while on an Alaskan cruise. While viewing glaciers the ship would simply pivot so passengers on both sides had equal opportunity to watch the calving glaciers. Amazing!

  8. Beautiful contrast and industrial environnement with the cranes. They have special propellers that able them to move on the side.

  9. excellent image with super frame !

  10. probably takes a lot of practice to master this.. 😀 nice capture..

  11. Wow! How on Earth do they do that??? You really made it come to life. Good work. 🙂

  12. love the strong red stripe on the boat

  13. Fick fundera lite på var du stog. Skeppsholmen? Hör av dig om du är i stan nån gång så kan vi ta en fika. Jag skickar mitt mobil no på FB så behöver det inte bli under så ordnade former. Slå en pling så kommer jag in. (Tar 1½ tim m dusch + buss 😉

  14. When I enlarged the image, I really got an idea how big this ship is. I like that you framed it between the cranes.

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