A game of darts is a game of darts and you’ve got to play the player you’re playing.
~Andy Fordham

  1. Lovely. The depth of field on this changes the perspective entirely – if you didn’t have the quote, I doubt I would have known what the scene was!

  2. absolutly cool, the DOF works perfect.

  3. Läckert med så kort skärpedjup.

  4. Wired one in a way, i didn’t see what it was at first 🙂

  5. This is such a cool abstract of the dart and board.

  6. by far the best dart image I have ever seen. Just love your POV and DOF. Way to go!

  7. I like the careful focus necessary to get the tail of the dart so well. Excellent image.

  8. Fantastic!! So very creative..and such fun!!!

  9. i’ve always been intrigued by darts and never had the opportunity to play. nice image.

  10. Very cool!

  11. A great macro & Andy Fordham…wow!

  12. What a fantastic abstract Frida! Just love the patterns, colors and how they interplay! Beautiful and creative!:-)

  13. Your quote could apply to life, not just to darts.

  14. Beautiful PoV!

  15. Very cool. I would not have recognized it without the title.

  16. Fabulous image, like the selective focus and the array of colors.

  17. What a photograph, Frida! I sometimes watch the actual dart competitions and it’s quite a lot of fun, especially at the highest levels 🙂

  18. very unique perspective, excellent shot

  19. Cool take on this theme. Very creative

  20. Nice Perspective and Fantastic Colors

  21. Wonderful image! Expertly seen and captured.

  22. Love the dof and colors!

  23. DOF is great like I already said on Facebook

  24. LOL at that quote, Frida. This is a FABULOUS macro of that fun sport. Every so often we watch the tournaments on TV. They really get into it, don’t they!

  25. Now this is really cool. Fantastic selective focus.

  26. nice angle & dof here.. well done! 🙂

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