I’m hosting the feast

I'm hosting the feast
  1. I’m not being psychoanalytic, but here we have the “Trinity” again!

  2. Your title made me smile. 🙂

  3. what a beautiful flower! and those little bugs, so sweet! a very harmonic picture

  4. so delicate

  5. Exquisite beauty!! Love the color and your chosen point-of-focus.

  6. Very, very beautiful, Frida. It looks like a flower portrait.


  7. Nice range of colors, great blend.

  8. It looks like a very tasty feast 🙂

  9. amazing macro, great composition

  10. and then George Clooney will also arrive, and, …no Martini, no party !!!
    lovely macro

  11. marvelous DOF here, love the combination of green and pink too

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