Autumn colors

Autumn colors
Autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains, a torch flung to the trees.

~Faith Baldwin

  1. A torch indeed, love the golden warmth — I’ll be revisiting this scene come winter!

  2. brilliant colours. love the flashes of blue sky

  3. Gorgeous color! =)

    happy week

  4. A burst of autumn… love the golden dreaminess.

  5. wow. i haven’t seen the first color yet. we’re having beautiful weather and it’s been warmer than normal. i’m beginning to wonder if any of our leaves will turn or if they’ll just fall off:-)

  6. Lovely shot, Frida. Love the crisp fall light and warm colors 🙂

  7. Kraftfulla färger och ljus! Vacker oskärpa och struktur i bakgrunden.

  8. Takes my breath away …… Beautiful!

  9. Exactly, Frida. THAT’S Autumn!

  10. Love the colors in this shot, they are just so bright and vibrant.

  11. That is a beautiful blast of colour.

  12. I love autumn colors

  13. WOW! Autumn, a beautiful shot, amazing. Bravo!

  14. The colours are so beautiful. Love that bokeh.

  15. really enchanting composition, starts new s season, starts new colors

  16. This is very beautiful, Frida – in fact, it is exuberant!


  17. So beautiful 🙂

  18. Stunning!! So perfectly autumnal..and a wonderful way to start the new month!

  19. Oh yes the autumn is upon us. Fine colors.

  20. Underbar bild med härliga färger! 🙂

  21. it’s that time now.. lovely shot!

  22. beautiful

  23. fall has such warm tones

  24. What amazing light and autumn colours! Feeling so brightened up!:-)

  25. Wowee, that’s a lot of fall! Really gorgeous yellows and oranges. We haven’t come so far into the season yet down here in Skåne, but we’re right behind you 🙂

  26. Well spotted abstract of autumn colors and golden light.

  27. I like this burst of yellows and oranges that speak of autumn so well. Excellent leaf shot.

  28. Beautiful

  29. Gorgeous light and bokeh!!

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