Nature in miniature

Vision and Verb
  1. Wow, this ‘shroom is too pretty to even consider eating!

  2. Great macro shot !

  3. I like the myriads of delicate details and the soft light. Wonderful!

  4. You got down to just the right point of view to capture this miniature scene.

  5. The love how all the minute details stand out 🙂

  6. a beautiful macro shot!

  7. it truly is like a tiny world of it’s own. i can imagine little people walking about, caring for the gardens.

  8. What a magical image!

  9. fall is showing its first signs here too

  10. That is such a lovely shot. A beautiful mushroom nested in the greenery.

  11. very nice selective focus

  12. I just spent the afternoon in the woods..and there were more magical mushrooms of ever color and shape and size than I’d ever seen before. Love the image!!

  13. where are the dwarfs? 🙂

  14. this is a beautiful forest ground sight! all the delicate details of the moss and the shroom – it all looks so primeval, so untouched and not disturbed anyhow by human appearance. this is me drifting away 😉

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