1. I wouldn’t want to touch that one! 🙂

  2. I think I’ve found it! I’ve been looking for a nice mushroom to go with a wonderful appetizer recipe I have. (This one is edible, isn’t it?)

  3. on dirait un rocher à la noix de coco

  4. friend – or – foe?

  5. Wonderful mushroom and a great job – well done

  6. This is fantastic!

  7. vilken grym bild! 🙂

  8. excellent closeup . love these light tones too 😉

  9. Looks like a little bomb ready to explode 🙂

  10. incredible macro

  11. The simple miracle of nature. Beautifully captured Frida 🙂

  12. oh, that is indeed some spiky fellow! beautifully chosen tones and dof!

  13. Oh, wow, Frida. You’d never guess that on a mushroom, would you!

  14. Mmmm, I agree with the others. Really special angle of view and awesome processing!

  15. Vilken fin bild! 🙂

  16. A “WOW” find to locate and shoot. Fine detail helps this shot be impressive.

  17. beauty of the small world!

  18. Superb details and light!

  19. I like seeing the details on this mushroom.

  20. freat details and shade, i love it

  21. That is so cool. Great tones and such a strange mushroom.

  22. this looks so out of this world.. nicely shot.. 🙂

  23. fine monochrome. excellent selective focus

  24. This made me smile. Very nice, Frida.


  25. Wonderful b&w image! You have a great eye for interesting things in your surroundings.

  26. Adorable little mushroom! Love it in monochrome!

  27. This one is magical!! Such exquisite detail!!!

  28. Great find and terrific detail!

  29. Looks prickly like a cactus. I like the decent bokeh.

  30. looks angry 🙂

  31. Proving how extraordinary the “ordinary” can really be!

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