The Royal Mounds – Kungshögarna

The Royal Mounds
 The Royal mounds (Swedish: Kungshögarna) is the name for the three large barrows which are located in Gamla Uppsala. According to ancient mythology and folklore, it would be the three gods Thor, Odin and Freyr lying in Kungshögarna or Uppsala högar (from the Old Norse word Haugr meaning mound or barrow).In the 19th and 20th centuries, they were speculated to hold the remains of three kings of the legendary House of Ynglings and where thus known by the names Aun’s Mound, Adil’s Mound and Egil’s Mound. Today their geographical locations are instead used and they are called the Eastern mound, Middle Mound and Western Mound.

(Source Wikipedia)

  1. Wow, very impressive – really like your composition with the clouds on the horizon.

  2. quel paysage et chemin agréable
    passe d’agréables moments et à bientôt

  3. fascinating and beautiful

  4. Oh I love that site! The green and lofty hills and that marvellous sky tell of a lovely day you had!

  5. A beautiful landscape! Great comp.

  6. Great landscape 🙂
    And thanks for teaching a little part of your swedish mythology.

  7. What fun! I love the swoopy, up-and-down feeling of this one. Even the roof echoes it!

  8. What a stunning landscape. Love the wide-angled view and capture. Terrific!!!

  9. Beautiful landscape.

  10. what a fantastic landscape

  11. Beautiful landscape. I like the clouds on the horizon.

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