A day at the beach

Wordless Wednesday - Beach Sand
One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach; one can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.

~Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  1. Love the feeling of the movement of the stick in the surf. (Maybe it’s the toboggan, but she’s getting really tall, really fast!)

  2. Love the choice of colour palette it certainly suits the narrative.

  3. sweet picture and excellent colouring!

  4. looks great fun!

  5. What a beautiful image! Love the muted color..the magical light!

  6. Very beautifully spotted and composed Frida! Your light and unique tone make this such a timeless charm!

  7. Great post to go with a great “aged” photo. Nice work.

  8. Wonderful nostalgic mood you’ve created with this image .

  9. No words are really needed. One can VERY easily imagine the child’s wonder and and pleasure at the edge of the sea.

  10. Ohhhh, so very sweet, Frida. We’ll be on the Dutch island of Texel this weekend, so the quote is perfect for me today.

  11. Such a beautiful, sweet, photo, Frida. It’s too early in the year to be so cold, though!

  12. Nice composition Frida….. the sparkle at the end of her stick makes it look like a magic wand…. there is nothing that children like more than to play on a beach….. in any weather:)….peter:)

  13. Beautiful capture of this moment, really like the tones that create a wonderful feeling here.

  14. A fine shot of this youngster checking out the water with a stick. Nice processing to add the distinctive color cast.

  15. Is it that cold where you are that one needs that much on? My goodness!

    I love the color of this… it sets a mood! =)

  16. despite the temps, this kid still probably loved playing around in the water.. nice capture..

  17. Gorgeous processing 🙂 Great image !

  18. Such a sweet moment captured perfectly–lovely processing choices too!

  19. fantastic photo really complete, compliments

  20. It looks like an old Autochrome shot. Very nice.

  21. All needed was a magic wand to play with 🙂

  22. marvelous. i love your tones

  23. A lovely nostalgic view 🙂

  24. Nice candid shot! Love the quiet and concentrated mood.

  25. love the scene and the color palette is exquisite.

  26. is that already that chilly over there?

    • Hi, Yes it is, some days are really chilly and others a bit warmer. That day was very windy and cold.

  27. little humans deeply sunken in exploring nature´s mysteries are simply adorable. a beautifully coloured moment. :*

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