Autumn is here

Wordless Wednesday - Autumn is here
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  1. A beautiful outcome; love the ‘notebook page’ edging and the other delicious textures and make this shot a standout !!

  2. Again amazing texture work and I’m in love with the green.

  3. Another neat texture. You still are coming out with that line of greeting cards, aren’t you? You have the perfect subjects!

  4. I could have sworn I’d commented on this image, but I guess I didn’t… so sorry.
    Absolutely brilliant… I love the texture, it matches the image perfectly! =)

    happy week

  5. yep, autumn´s here also. very nice calendar sheet! esp. the light is a gem.

  6. Magical!! And love Kim’s texture overlay. Well done!!!

  7. This is very beautiful, Frida. I like all the different elements that came together so well.


  8. Gorgeous composition and processing Frida!

  9. extremely pretty, frida. absolutely love the processing.

  10. Excellent photo and a great collection in your blog, congratulations!

  11. I like the fine processing that resulted in such a great textured look. Very well done.

  12. beautiful, very creative image . love this texture !

  13. I couldn’t put it better myself 😉
    Enchanting, dreamlike photo.

  14. awesome presentation really creative Frida, compliments

  15. That is very creatively done. Nice.

  16. Very creative. Like it!

  17. I so love autumn and your picture is delightful.

  18. neat texture. nicely processed

  19. Cool – and I like the texture!

  20. what a beautiful image & the texture is perfect for that shot =)

  21. yep, it’s about time we all get to cool down.. 🙂 nice work!

  22. Do so wish it was here. Autumn that is.

    Love your pic though, makes me want to walk through the forest and discover.

  23. Beautiful capture! Happy WW!

  24. here we still have summer with near 30 degrees
    beautiful shot

  25. Delightfully processed, Frida, with all the colors I love for autumn!

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