Looking back II

I see you

Year: 2004 – Camera: Konica Digital Camera KD-410Z

  1. wow, what a capture!

  2. looks like it’s ready to leap. you managed to capture an exceptional focus in what appears to be a short time slot.

  3. Nice observations 😉

  4. ugly toad 😉
    Lot of different green colors.

  5. Nice toad! I like the soft light in this.

  6. looks like it will jump out of the screen!

  7. Great shallow DoF and it’s so cute!

  8. Nice shot. must be a small lizard.

  9. Too funny!! What a great capture!

  10. great catch, awesome color and point of focus

  11. what a great close up, nice pose he has

  12. Funny little guy. I love the countenance of frogs. They always look like “Hey, I couldn’t care less about you” ;).

  13. Peek a boo! Great capture!

  14. Oh, cute! I can see why you wanted to pull this one out of the archives and do something with it.

  15. Lovely 🙂

  16. Great photograph of this wonderful encounter. Love the framing and the beautiful green tints!

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