Under the moon

Under the moon

  1. a beautiful farm, frida.

  2. I want that property! lol
    The house reminds me of the one I grew up in, but we didn’t have that nice of a barn I’m afraid.
    Lovely shot.


  3. what a splendid place in your catch, perfect your light treatment

  4. Beautifully composed photo!

  5. Well done, gorgeous photo

  6. YaY! You linked up… thank you very much, you’re too kind! =)

  7. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely gorgeous! You must link up to Barn Charm, Frida… the others must see this! =) Do you mind if I link up this post?

  8. What an amazingly beautiful landscape! Like a painting! The moon makes this even more unforgettable!:-)

  9. that so familiar red color on house and barn, I like that about your country

  10. Beautiful and Lovely Landscape Picture

  11. Beautiful rich colors–lovely image

  12. I almost missed the moon. Very cool shot.

  13. I always love to see the moon in the sky during the summer/autumn months. I find it quite fascinating.

  14. Jättefin bild!

  15. Really pretty scene you’ve painted here. Lovely composition and colors.

  16. A beautiful rural scene. Light and tones are splendid!

  17. such a happy landscape

  18. Wonderful image, really like the clouds and how the trees are starting to show their fall color.

  19. A gorgeous landscape which makes a great setting for the moon aspect of the shot. Very well done.

  20. Lovely autumnal landscape. And I LOVE these swedish houses. Colors and constructions are always so beautiful, they never seem as a foreign matter in nature environment.

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