Looking back

The spider
 I’m starting a new feature here at Pixelbloggen. I’m showing pictures from my archive to see how it all began and what camera I used at the time. This is from 2004 and the first macro shot I was pleased with at the time.

Year: 2004 – Camera: Konica Digital Camera KD  410Z

  1. never seen a white spider

  2. so very creepy. you’re a brave soul.

  3. Uuuuhh… It’s interesting to see, how your style developed 🙂

  4. hmm.. they don’t look as scary when they’re colored white.. 🙂 nice shot!

  5. Sharpness, DOF and colors are excellent.

  6. 2004? I wasn’t even alive on the Internet then, Frida. You amaze me!

  7. And – did I mention? What a good idea and interesting project to take the time to look back from where you came. Perfect!

  8. This is extraordinary!! WOW!

  9. congrats for your first macro, and a white spider, never seen before.

  10. Such a beautiful creature! Really freaking good!

  11. With that kind of archive – keep them coming!

  12. It is still pretty cool now 😉 I love the detail and the white against the pink and the black shadow.

    I would crop the photo to emphasize all those details 🙂

  13. Cool idea with the looking back idea! This one is sweet. Can see why you were pleased with it back then and now.

  14. Awesome shot Frida. True talent. for sure.
    I guess I personally wouldn’t ever post photos from my beginnings. Despite my todays shots are nothing to be proud of, the first ones are deadly pixel pulp. Love your idea, maybe one day I’ll search my old and crappy images too, since (don’t know why but) I didn’t delete them either…

  15. Wow — how cool!!!!!!

  16. I’ve never seen a spider like that before!

  17. Well, it’s beautiful!

  18. It was a fine close up of that creature and its setting. Excellent.

  19. Wow, beautiful picture and lovely colors. 🙂

  20. Impressive close-up! [I assume you photographed the crab spider Misumena vatia.] Love the clarity and the super nice red-green color contrast!

  21. Wow! Great shot!

  22. never seen an albino spider before

  23. spectacular macro, really awesome and perfect in its tolatily, my compliments

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