Grazing in the afternoon sun

Grazing in the afternoon sun
 A really nice Sunday in company with a friend. Some geocaching and a nice Thai lunch, couldn’t be better.

  1. oh you have cows aswell in sweden? 😛

  2. Skönt varmt kvällsljus och färger.

  3. Such a gorgeous pastoral scene. Love the light in this.

  4. It’s lovely! The light is golden, the scene bucolic………yes I think it must’ve been a great Sunday!

  5. Gorgeous light and colors in the wonderful pastoral image.

  6. beautiful pastoral scene

  7. They look wonderful in that beautiful golden light.

  8. I just love that late afternoon glow! Very nice =)

  9. This is a beautiful pastoral scene with low sunlight warming the cows and woods. Fine image.

  10. Ahh the simple life. Nice lighting.

  11. It is a nice country Autumn scene Frida… a lot of lovely colours… even the cows fit the surrounding golden day….peter:)

  12. Wonderful landscape, looks like home to me. 🙂

  13. What a beautiful “painting”! The light and tone couldn’t be more charming! Thanks for the treat!:-)

  14. lovely countryside view !

  15. I love all this amber light. What a tender scene to feel the beauty of life.

  16. Cool shot, gives a feel for the country.

  17. Fabulous scene with the cows ‘in the wild’, wonderful light, would not mind to trade places with the owner of that house.

  18. lovely light captured here.. great scene! 🙂

  19. such a lovely pastoral scene

  20. Beautiful picture!

  21. the light is amazing, gives warmth somehow. LIKEY!

  22. lovely and cool place and looks so peaceful!

  23. It’s like a painting, Frida!

  24. Nice peaceful mood and fantastic autumn palette in this rural scene.

  25. How lovely – this photograph is rich in colors, textures and light. Excellent work, Frida.


  26. Really love the golden, autumn light and serenity that this tranquil scene conveys. Yes, a lovely Sunday…

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