Guardian angel


Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.

~Khalil Gibran

  1. Cute and a very warm welcome indeed.

  2. very welcoming scene

  3. Guardian angels look the same all over in europe – thats the proof that they’re existing 😉
    Nice picture.

  4. Very cute indeed!

  5. This is so sweet!!! Love the colors!

  6. Love the range of red here–sweet shot

  7. Beautifully shot.

  8. Love the warm colors and the cute subject.

  9. A very cute angel to shoot…which you did very well.

  10. let the angle protect you!

  11. Fascinating storytelling image with lots of room for imagination left to the viewer.

  12. so lovely and funny

  13. Ohhhhhhhh. What a sweetie-pie, Frida. I actually love the work of Khalil Gibran and often quote his “Tear and a Smile.” I have read his above quote many times now and am still letting it digest….

  14. that’s a cute decor.. nice shot.. 🙂

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