1. Love processing and photo!

  2. good processing or is it an old photo, its hard to tell.

  3. Excellent capture and post-processing. Love the vintage treatment.

  4. Cool shot Frida and the the desaturation and texture is the perfect touch

  5. nicely texturized. i like how the color of the flag shows through.

  6. an ideal image for adding texture. Very nicely done Frida

  7. Beautiful processing – I like the vintage treatment.

  8. What wonderful monochromatic processing. And – she’s a beauty..isn’t she?

  9. A fine shot of this venerable old ship that has so much style. I like the spot color effect of the flag.

  10. Great processing 🙂

  11. Like out of a vintage magazine, Frida! I love this.

  12. what a wonderful excursion; lovely treatment of texture. thank you, kareninkenai {texture tuesdays}

  13. nice atmosphere, exelent treatement in post, really nice

  14. An old-fashioned ship in an old-fashioned style photo. As it should be.

  15. Like the treatment and textures! Great image of this interesting old ship!

  16. beautifully processed

  17. Beautiful, love the processing!

  18. Excellent shot! Love the processing; it really enhances the mood/atmosphere

  19. nice work giving it the postcard treatment.. 🙂 nice shot..

  20. Nice texture and soft color in this one. Works well.

  21. Very charming shot, Frida. I love the way you presented this.


  22. Wonderful vintage effect!

  23. Wonderful selective color treatment here. Very well done!

  24. love the processing, it fits the old ship

  25. the photo processing gives an old-dayfeel to it

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