Horse and Carriage

Horse and Carriage
 Seen at Skansens Christmas Market.

  1. the horse is beautiful. i always love black animals. i like the contrast of the man going the opposite direction with the black stroller.

  2. This is so romantically old-fashioned. Love it!

  3. Riding into back in time…

  4. a hippi looking horse 🙂

  5. So fun!

  6. So romantic!

  7. Oh my, what a heartwarming sight and he is so beautiful too.

  8. I love horse & carriage rides. This is a beautiful image, Frida.

  9. What a wonderful ancient custom to ride people around with horse and carriage! Love the Santa hat the horse is wearing!

  10. A fine shot of this great looking horse and carriage. I assume they give rides to visitors. Fine shot.

  11. “… goes together like …” 🙂

    Nice one!

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