Lucia Day – December 13th


Today is Lucia Day, a celebration of light during the darkest winter days.

Read more here Lucia in Sweden

  1. the candles really create and excellent mood here!

  2. wonderful. i love this

  3. I can think of no better way to brighten up the dark days of winter than with this beautiful choir with their candles Frida… i like it….peter:)

  4. I can “hear” them 🙂

  5. Such a lovely, atmospheric capture.

  6. Well done! I’m impressed – that looks like a difficult shot, yet the lighting is perfect.

  7. This is absolutely beautiful! And – what a wonderful tradition!

  8. Nice capture, it’s not easy to get good photos inside a church. 🙂

  9. these kids look so sweet.. nicely captured.. 🙂

  10. splendid atmosphere here, wonderful

  11. Santa Lucia! How could I ever forget. We attended a Covenant Church in Pasadena, CA, for 5 years, Frida, and celebrated this wonderful holiday every year. What a fabulous image for your celebration!

  12. Wonderful capture, such a warm and peaceful scene!

  13. a charming portrait. i like your inclusion of the chandelier in the forefront.

  14. Beautiful! We don’t ‘have’ Lucia here, but a friend from Sweden told me it is a big thing there.

  15. Superb low light photograph with beautiful warm tones and a wonderful festive ambience.

  16. Oh how beautiful! I bet they sounded wonderful, too! =)

  17. I like the warm, intimate lighting of the choir and the interior of this chapel.
    Fine image!

  18. Jättefin bild!

  19. Never heard of that holiday

  20. A wonderful image. The colours are gorgeous and the detail fantastic.

  21. excellent mood

  22. Beautiful light–lovely scene and shot

  23. That is a sweet shot.

  24. Oh how very beautiful and warm. I love photos that chronicle people’s traditions.

  25. This is very, very beautiful Frida.


  26. What a lovely photo and tradition.

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