1. amazing colors. i like the other object circling it as well.

  2. looks very mystical

  3. Nicely seen–great result!

  4. excellently selected focus on this! love the warm bg for the crystal thingy, very nice.

  5. Great picture. Looks like a diamond. I like the background and the decent bokeh.

  6. Simply wonderful Frida

  7. A whole world can be seen within this crystal, beautiful 🙂

  8. This is beautiful, love the colours and the shape of the crystal. A wonderful place to hang, in front of the window (read the comments 😉 )

  9. It’s a beautiful crystal and gem. Nice placement in the frame. Makes one fine shot!

  10. Beautiful light, tone and perfect organization! What an enchanting interplay of forms and patterns!

  11. very pretty closeup

  12. magical, great work …

  13. Verkligen vacker, bakgrunden gör att det ser lite “farligt” ut.
    Men vad är det för något?

  14. That is gorgeous with that background.

  15. Fantastic presentation and details. Gorgeous shot Frida!

  16. Crystals and spirals together, a perfect combination 🙂

  17. Beautiful picture!

  18. pretty cool close up shot of this piece of glass.. well done! 🙂

  19. Cool shot! Is that one of those ones that spins around and the crystal stays in place?

    • Yes it is It’s hanging in a window so the brownish background is the trees and bushes outside.

  20. Fantastic capture of this elegant gem and the background is a great match!

  21. Very good macro, I like the soft colors and tones in contrast with the sharp crystal. 🙂

  22. Beautiful in colors and light. Nice macro!

  23. amazing and pure Frida!

  24. This is a gem of a shot! Light and subdued tones are brilliant.

  25. lovely and perfect sense of abstract

  26. Totally my colors, Frida!

  27. looks so special!

  28. Magical!! Love the lines..the glitter…everything about this. Terrific!

  29. Neat shot Frida 🙂

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