Diamonds & Pearls

Diamonds & Pearls
 Apres l’esprit de discernement, ce qu’il y a au monde de plus rare, ce sont les diamants et les perles.

~Jean de la Bruyere

  1. Beautiful capture, love the romantic processing.

  2. What a marvellous image! I love the wonderful desaturated tones and the beautiful shallow depth of field. Great work!

  3. you caught a very precious light here, love the result!

  4. I’ll take these hands down over any of the other kind, Frida!

  5. Just superb!

  6. loved the desaturated colors and the droplets really stand out so well!

  7. Really like the soft color pallet in this image. The water drops look fantastic!

  8. looks so delicate.. the dewdrops make this really nice.. 🙂

  9. so fresh, so lovely. i like your use of typography.

  10. Excellent shot, the soft tones and composition is truly nice!

  11. Splendid details – what a perfect title for this beautiful shot!

  12. This is so lovely and the title is perfect.


  13. Wonderful! Love the colors and the drops which create a kind of freshness.

  14. A beautiful and unique flower image. Great work, Frida!

  15. Exquisite beauty!!!

  16. Stunning–I LOVE the muted tones here

  17. Diamonds are girl’s best friend, but dew cowered roses can’t be far behind.

  18. A great title for a fantastic photograph… Wow!

  19. the vintage color toning is nice

  20. amazingly beautiful

  21. Very pretty diamonds and pearls 🙂

  22. Gorgeous piece Frida. Lovely colors.

  23. Lovely photo. The contrasts and the somewhat desaturared colors are excellent, and so is the motive with the rain drops. I like it.

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