Full Speed Ahead…

Full speed ahead
  1. A scene for Ice Road Truckers!!

  2. I LOVE this, Frida. WOW.

  3. a cinematic effect!

  4. doesn’t look too secure.. i wouldn’t want to follow this truck on the highway.. 😀 nice shot!

  5. looks very much like a scene from arkansas. these trucks speed and wreck all too often.

  6. Gorgeous color and light in this! Love the motion you’ve captured here!

  7. Cool shot!

  8. Cool capture, I like the sense of movement, I think this vehicle was driving quite fast…

  9. go go go, IKEA need wood. 😉
    I like the energy in this moving truck. well done captured, Frida!

  10. Wonderful framing Frida – I almost got run over by one of these trucks once!

  11. Great capture of a big wehicle on a small road.

  12. Those guys are crazy that drive those things. Nice shot.

  13. We have a few of those driving by our house this time of year. You dont want to stand in the way. 🙂

  14. hope he doesn’t loose his load

  15. Great capture and framing Frida… that is no small load of logs and it would be hard to stop that double trailer filled to the top….peter:)

  16. Pretty small logs but that is a terrific shot. Nicely composed.

  17. well captured

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