The Red Cottage

The Cottage
 Enjoying my  computer free days… I will be back online later this week. More Wordless Wednesday here

  1. Looks very nostalgic. Well done.

  2. excellent processing, so warm and antique finished – works beautifull on that little shed!

  3. I see I am not the only one that has computer-free-days 🙂 This little cottage is adorable, what a place to be in summer, or even in winter, if there is a possibility to get it nice warm inside.
    A wonderful scene!

  4. really wonderful, place, atmosphere and tones …

  5. oh no! simply loved it!

  6. Wonderful and a little fairy picture
    Excellent post processing

  7. Love the processing here–you’ve really emphasized the wintery feel and created a very rustic scene

  8. Very nice. Love the way you processed this one.

  9. Wonderful tones. It looks like a toy house. Enjoy computer free days!!!

  10. WOW, very nice… wonderful picture!

  11. You’re having computer-free days, Frida, and I’m without my own laptop for about 2.5 weeks! All my rhythms are off-balance and I’m trying to go with the flow. So I understand!

    In the meantime, I’ll just admire your work on Astrid’s screen. 🙂

  12. this is so pretty! like a forest hideaway.

  13. A wonderful place, love the color toning too.

  14. fantastic mood, looks like the house of the dwarfs

  15. Nice placement in the frame. That cottage looks really inviting.

  16. What a wonderful place! It would look even better covered in some snow? 🙂

  17. This is beautiful Frida. Lovely processing. Great piece!

  18. Beautiful!
    The place and the photo. Also like the new look…

  19. I like this nice little house !

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