Winter Fruit…

Winter Fruit
 An apple is still hanging on in mid winter.

  1. a photograph which I like well!

  2. I think this apple lost its vitamins. A smart capture, I like how you managed to create a visual of time.

  3. But – where is the snow??

  4. i love your presentation, perfect background and perfect focus… really cool

  5. Me gusta la foto, tiene un dof genial con un detalle y tonos excelentes.


  6. No longer fruitful, but very pretty 🙂

  7. j’aime ce minimalisme

  8. i wouldn’t have guessed that. i thought it was a gumball from a gum tree.

  9. Exquisitely beautiful detail. Love this winter delight!

  10. the birds will love it

  11. How interesting to still find a fruit hanging on the branches so long after 🙂

  12. wow, never seen an apple in this version

  13. Gone and nevertheless a beauty – the pretty background does the rest – good eye and brilliant realization !

  14. Nice and sharp Frida 🙂

  15. still something for the birds & critters to munch upon.. nice capture..

  16. You do have a nice way of putting thing in perspective. Those remaining spots of red reaaly did it for me.

    PS Thank you for the nice comments! 🙂

  17. A nice close up shot of this “winter fruit,” but I don’t know what this is! 🙂 Love the blurred effect behind too. Well done.

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