Winter Glow

Winter Glow

  1. so very pretty. just love the pop of red.

  2. Gorgeous red against the white!! Absolutely beautiful winter scene and image!

  3. What a cute house. I like the red paint in combination with snow. You composed this one perfectly and you included a bit of sun light… Very nice indeed!

  4. Nice hut 🙂 But there is not a lot of snow… like here – I miss the winter…
    Have a nice weekend, Frida.

  5. Ooooh! Simply love this! Wish I was there! Great winter shot 🙂

  6. Beautiful lacy snowfall and a lovely scene–beautiful image

  7. pretty charming place.. i’d probably be cooped up inside if it were really cold.. 🙂

  8. Beautiful and cosy scene, gorgeous colour against the snow. I would love to be walking there in the cold weather, we have just dull damp weather, no sign of snow at all! I have missed it.:-)

  9. beautiful winter scene Frida, love it

  10. I LOVE the colors of Scandinavia, Frida, which so perfectly accent snow, when you have it. This reminds me of our time in Norway last April. So beautiful.

  11. Gorgeous winter scene! Love the rich colors of the structure that contrasts so very well with the white snow. Great capture!

  12. i love snow. great view of this snowy view. great picture. (:

  13. What a nice, cosy place you are showing here! Light and details are awesome.

  14. That looks beautiful, Frida !
    Could it be used / booked for summer holidays too ?

  15. oh i love this!

  16. I can just imagine myself sitting inside that building in front of a nice log fire, curled up with a good book 🙂

  17. Just enough snow to make everything look beautiful…but not enough to shovel!

  18. The snow covered trees help to bring out the intense red of this cute building.

  19. Ohhh Frida, that’s gorgeous! Very nice, esp in the snow! Beautiful scene & thanks so very much for joining this week’s Barn Charm =)

  20. Looks repurposed. Was this originally a small barn? I had a great, great Aunt who was an artist and she repurposed an old barn on the east coast right along the ocean for her living and work quarters during the summer.

  21. Cool little house. Looks very fitting with all the snow.

  22. what a splendid little house, great mood

  23. This is a beautiful shot…

  24. Lovely light in this Frida!

  25. It’s a great looking building, then improved with all the frost and snowy setting. Excellent shot. Winter has arrived here yet either. The most snow is barely a skiff
    of about 1 inch.

  26. Beautiful scenery. We don’t have winter here yet. It seems the weather has gotten stuck at fall. Or just skipped winter and went straight for spring. I could live with that, I think 🙂

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