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  1. i had no idea what witch-hazel was:-)

  2. I love the fact it almost resembles a childs toy hanging on the vine.

  3. Beautiful light on those delicate contorted branches.

  4. Oh..I love witch-hazel. Can’t believe you already have some. We’re a long..long ways from there!

  5. looks like a figure hanging from the branch

  6. Cool picture, phantasmic colors.
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. perfect sharpness and subject isolation, mejestic presentation!!! i love dark tones

  8. Fantastic composition, selective focus, light, and tones. Love this one.

  9. Fab image. Never have seen it from this perspective.

  10. The undulating nature of the vine is so appealing. A wonderful shot with such nice, deep color.

  11. Very cool macro–great detail and light

  12. Beautiful macro and spot focus, good framing. I like the warm tones too!

  13. Looks really cool. Nice job with the light.

  14. oh, so that’s how a witch hazel looks like.. nice closeup shot.. 🙂

  15. Sköna former och sköna färger 🙂

  16. oh, so delicate with the droplets! my mom already had first signs of her allergy for the hazels…

  17. What a gorgeous herald of spring. The light is exceptional here.

  18. lovely brown tones

  19. That is so beautiful. Terrific composition and I love the colour.

  20. Cool shot Frida. Great focus and light.

  21. Is spring soon coming ? – Nice capture !

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