A day on the lake II

A day on the lake II
  1. good lines & PP. Looks good fun!

  2. the skating area looks so bumpy. absolutely love the color tones in this.

  3. Ah, you’ve taken me back. We used to do this back home in Canada. Wonderfully fun image!

  4. Skating in the middle of nature. That is such a great thing to do, I enjoyed it that much I forgot to photograph it… The ice is gone here now, in The Netherlands… 🙁

  5. I love skating the ice 🙂
    And the “red” is popping out of my monitor.

  6. That´s real fun in winter – think I definitively have to come to Scandinavia !

  7. A fine place for skating. I’m impressed with the cleared snow and nice skating path around the lake. Very fine action image.

  8. Two different skating lanes?? Or out and back? The red really jumps out, and if feels very cold with that blue sky!

  9. Posted this yesterday but due to a update my database “forgot” this post. So I re-post it today. Have a nice day!

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