Around the corner

Around the corner

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.

~Lao Tzu

Looking forward to the nearest future with great anticipation…

  1. Vacker bild!

  2. We are looking for some new blossoms as beautiful as these up here in the north Frida… it will be at least another two months before they start… so we are heading down to South Carolina for two weeks… it will also give me a chance to walk the beach and strengthen my new knee without all of the ice and snow at home….peter:)

  3. an image full of hope. i like the subtle distressing.

  4. it’s good to live by these.. and a very nice shot to accompany your message too.. nicely done.. 🙂

  5. Great piece of art, makes me really long for spring and warmer times!

  6. Are you saying you’re ready for spring, Frida?! 🙂 I see you gave yourself a head-start. Good for you.

  7. Lovely tones and a very pretty result

  8. A romantic photo of these lovely flowers!

  9. Love the details of these blossoms. Spring is in the air Frida (at least in our minds.)

  10. Wonderful picture, love the soft colours and wise words!!.
    Hartelijke groeten.

  11. Lao Tzu got that right!

  12. I like this flower picture for its gorgeous flowers with detail and its overall colorcast. Very appealing image.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous!

  14. Such a poetic portraiture and artistic treatment! So charming and inspiring! Beautiful work Frida!

  15. i also look forward for a warmer climate, i am freezing in a -8° !
    very nice dof and textures

  16. Beautiful Picture that makes me look forward to the spring even moore.

  17. Beautiful picture.

  18. I love this color!

  19. Fantastic colors and processing Frida. Very interesting and nice work.

  20. Det citatet stämmer ofta så väl in på dina bilder. Som den här och som Colors of Winter. Du har verkligen inte mycket att lär!

  21. de bien belles couleurs !

  22. Very cool processing.

  23. You definitely chose the most perfect texture for this image! It’s gorgeous! =)

  24. Is Spring already there, where you live? So beautiful, Frida I can almost breathe in their sweet scent 🙂

  25. lovely. great quote; all three are important, but compassion trumps the other two

  26. Do you already have spring ? – Like the picture and of course the text too !

  27. Wonderful color and texture.

  28. The mood you created here is wonderful!
    I am not sure about the ‘around the corner’ though. Where I live it is VERY frosty right now and it does not look like this will change soon.

  29. Lovely texture and colours that reminds me of beautiful spring days to come 🙂

  30. lovely mood

  31. beautiful!

  32. Lovely 🙂

  33. That’s lovely. Both the shot and the words.

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