Heart in a heart

Heart in a heart
  1. Wow, the background lines and detail are so interesting against the hearts. Well seen!

  2. Wonderful textures and colors.

  3. it’s very pretty. never seen anything quite like it. hanging on the door?

  4. Such a romantic composition…Really beautifully done!

  5. Ha! that’s cool. What is this sod cut like a heart? Like it.

  6. Like the picture too. Great texture.

  7. So sweet!

  8. sweet capture… that was valentine’s heart for sure 😉

  9. Very nice contrasts and the thw hearts make it very beautiful !
    Thanks for seeing and showing this.

  10. A very good subject to notice and shoot. I like the textures and rich color of the big heart.

  11. And I love the arrow shaped wood texture. A fun shot but pretty effective!

  12. Great photo Frida, good texture and tones!

  13. lovely message this gives me this sunday morning, LOVE ALL DAY!

  14. delicate beauty

  15. And my heart felt congratulations on a fine shot.

  16. now that’s pretty cool.. yep, those textures sure are something.. nice shot! 😉

  17. I <3 this Frida!

  18. very cute 🙂

  19. Well seen and captured, Frida!

  20. Lovely 🙂

  21. I like that, Frida.

  22. Die Tür zum Herzen. The door to the heart. I like the tones and the contrast, a beautiful shot Frida!

  23. What a nice collection of textures.

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