Midnight Sun Rally

Miriam Walfridsson

Picture from last summer’s Midnight Sun Rally.

The Midnight Sun Rally originated and was first run in 1950 and the last, in 1964. The tradition was revived in 2006 and includes cars manufactured up to 1981 competing in Regularity and in the Rally Historic cars up to 1981.  Rally website in English

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  1. I wonder what they are looking at. It makes them laugh so it must be funny. Love their expressions!

  2. They certainly looks happy.

  3. Now, those are some great smiles! =)

  4. Nice candid here.

  5. Beautiful portraits of the three – `love their smiles.

  6. that’s a nice candid shot of the crew.. 🙂

  7. wow, a young pretty woman as a driver! cool

  8. different subject for you

  9. Love the happy mood you captured here! I wonder what they are looking at.

  10. A car race?? Which one is the driver??

  11. At last – a Summer picture!

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