Experience is a brutal teacher…

Experience is a brutal teacher
  1. True, true… Nice piece of processing.

  2. lovely subtle use of a texture on such a vibrant image. I ADORE that photograph of the snail up on your header — fantastic!

  3. Nice contrast and cool texture.

  4. excellent work with texture

  5. This is a superb photo Frida and your quote is ever so true… i like this on… a lot….peter:)

  6. Den bilden med de två nyponen -så olika- och det fina citatet av C S Lewis, så mycket bättre kan det faktiskt inte bli!

  7. Unfortunately I have to experience a couple of times before the lesson sticks.

  8. Very much the truth! =0

    Beautiful texture for that image =)

  9. This is really beautiful, Frida! Love the quote too!

  10. true 🙂

  11. Beautiful tones and focus!

  12. sure is a fine close up shot you got here.. nice work!

  13. A fine close up in a very good composition. I like the processing textures added too.

  14. Citatet är klockrent, precis som bilden. Snyggt med strukturen och färgerna är mättade och fina.
    Ha en skön helg.

  15. Excellent quote! So true. I like the colors and composition of the image.

  16. Love your use of texture in this image. Nice.

  17. Very lovely tones and great framing Frida….. Fantastic work!

  18. The way of life …

  19. Vilka härliga färger och vad snyggt med struktur över bilden-

  20. The yellow is beautiful! Spring time is almost here 🙂 This photo is definitely making me excited for the season.

  21. Great contrast between the two buds, love the soft feeling and use of the texture.

  22. Wonderful presentation and the words are too true.

  23. very nicely done

  24. Stunning image and post processing. I love the texture of the picture’s background. Have a nice weekend, Frida.

  25. hmmm, interesting couple

  26. The texture is great, nice catch there with the old and “new”. 🙂

  27. Nice design. Love the texture and colors.

  28. Åh vilken underbar bild… jättefin!

  29. love the post today Frida

  30. wow!!! a seemingly simple image that packs quite a wallop!!

  31. Yup – experience does that. We do learn!! And – what a stunning image!

  32. Pft, ain’t that the truth…

  33. a beautiful post in every aspect. how true.

  34. Gotta love C.S. Lewis and you…side by side, Frida.

  35. my god, yes.

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