From this to that…

From this to that...
  1. An interesting shot indeed. I really had to look twice to figure out the perspectives… Very cool.

  2. Love the tones and colors here..and the reflections are simply incredible!

  3. These are amazing fences Frida…. great composition with the building framed through the trees and the fence….peter:)

  4. Wonderful framing and lovely, warm tones.

  5. This impressive matrix of horizontal and vertical lines with a building peeking through behind…makes a fine picture! Well done.

  6. Very nice peek through the trees.

  7. great image .

  8. ah, the evolution of architecture.. 😀 a fine shot! love the shadow play.. 🙂

  9. Nice pov and I like the warm tones.

  10. From nature to “civilization” – a great view.

  11. Beautiful presentation! I love the vertical compo and the colors.

  12. Wow, jättefin bild!

  13. The title helps me understand the story. I’ll take this, my son will take that.

  14. Apt title. Elements in the frame contrast yet compliment each other.

  15. Frida, good use of shadows

  16. Spännande kontraster i det här motivet, gammalt/nytt och när/fjärran. Bildmässigt tycker jag det är en riktigt fin bild, anar någon orton-effekt, som är fin här!

  17. Fences like this, Frida, (which I saw in Norway), totally amaze me. It’s hard for me to get past them to look at everything else. 🙂

  18. Love all the lines, and the processing is really cool!

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