Tussilago farfara – Coltsfoot

Tussilago farfara - Coltsfoot

Have a wonderful weekend!

  1. You have flowers that I have never seen before. I’ll bet getting down close to the center of this one with a macro lens would make for a very cool shot!

  2. Details, details, details… Yeah, love it.

  3. This works for me love the placement.

  4. simply splendid macro, light color and frame… all is perfect here

  5. great vivid colors, a lovely shot!

  6. Colors are gorgeous! And – such exquisite detail!

  7. Beautiful flowers! I love the details and the delicacy of the petals.

  8. Super nice close-up with great colors, lighting and lots of fascinating details to admire!

  9. what a sweet and friendly yellow flower, don’t know this one

  10. WoW!! Great detail and colors. Very nice spring shot. So is the snow all gone??

  11. Sweet detail in this one!!

  12. a new variety for me. reminds me of a mix between a daisy and a dandelion.

  13. lovely spring shot

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