Budding Magnolias

Budding Magnolias in spring
  1. Wow… With that blue sky, beautiful… When they where all white it would be fantastic with the blue.

  2. Makes a cool abstract 🙂

  3. Excellent photo!

  4. I LOVE these! Next to Jasmin these are my favorite flowers. The smell is of them is like intoxicating to me. So odd.

  5. Vår på väg, Härligt!! Magnolia är en favorit.

  6. Lovely shot, such a beautiful spring felling image.

  7. I like the soft, fuzzy look of the buds(?) against the distinct branches. Beyond a fine shot, I like the way it presents the idea of spring. Very well done.

  8. What a beautiful beautiful lovely scene of spring! The amazing fine textures, DOF and tonality make this such a special charm!

  9. i like the blue sky used as a backdrop here.. nice shot! 🙂

  10. Nice blue. the flowering trees here have come and gone.

  11. it appears to me that they’re talking to each other

  12. your contrast color is perfect and impressive as like sharpness, a complete photo really beautiful, compliments

  13. The sky is ready… spring is coming with all the colors

  14. That is gorgeous. Such beautiful colour.

  15. Here comes the new life–beautiful spring shot!

  16. they are coming to an end here. they have been blooming everywhere

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