Feather II

Feather II
  1. it wouldn’t stay there if you wanted it to:-)

  2. Ah, great find! One of those visual treasures often found on casual walks. Well captured.

  3. Ah… Look how it is dancing in the wind. I can almost feel the breeze here… Very nice!

  4. Reminds me of the Easter feathers I saw in Stockholm! Nice!

  5. Good shot, very detailed with good dof!

  6. Very sharp – and still soft! Wonderful image!

  7. Very nice detail in this shot. and i can almost feel the wind looking at it.

  8. Exquisitely beautiful detail. Love how it appears to be blowing softly in the wind.

  9. I hope it brings you lots of good luck, Frida. 🙂

  10. incredible lightness in this shot, wonderful and clever presentation

  11. Nice DOF and softness

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