Happy sigh…

Happy sigh...
  1. Vilka vackra färger.

  2. Wow… What a great image. So powerful and strong, yet so fragile and happy. A perfect macro!

  3. love the vivid yellow. our yellow day lilies began blooming this week. such a happy color.

  4. splendid lightness, many compliments, it is awesome and elegant

  5. Spring joyfully bursts forth.

  6. Awwww!… it’s Spring at last sighs your lovely little flower Frida… great closeup….peter:)

  7. oh my Frida….exquisite!!!

  8. Lovely Frida!

  9. beautiful capture. well done

  10. the amount of work that went into making that yellow so rich and pure…paint manufacturers take note!!

  11. Lovely close up, we like the focus point and the tight frame!

  12. Beautiful macro capture!

  13. i’d also let out a happy sigh if i were able to capture something as lovely as this.. 😉

  14. A beautiful flower and so perfect with those bright colors and beautiful shape!

  15. WoW! Love the details and those wonderful yellows.

  16. Underbart macro!

    Ha en fin dag 🙂

  17. love wordless days of inner joy! beautiful.

  18. outstanding macro beauty

  19. Oh yes. Happy sighs are the best, Frida. 🙂

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