Last of the crocus images

Last of the crocus images

Cold today -6C this morning and some snow on the way. I’m waiting for my gym to open so I can go for a work out.

Have a nice Sunday!

  1. I don’t have any crocuses — just might need to plant some for next year. I love the angle from which you photographed this!

  2. Yeah, very powerful colors and these flowers must be so tough…

  3. beautiful

  4. so pretty with the droplet. i’d like to have some of the yellow variety.

  5. it’s as if that li’l blue bud’s looking up at those big yellow ones and wishing he was as big as them.. 🙂 nice shot!

  6. Love those bold colors. Very nice.

  7. Beautiful color. Spring is on the way, looking around the next corner 🙂

  8. This is really beautiful; have never seen yellow ones before.

  9. That is a beauty.

  10. What a beautiful subtlety and charming grace through your lens! Yes, the little purple “admirer” makes this special!:-)

  11. This Ozark Farm Chick was just out blog hoppin’ today and ran across your beautiful blog here.

    Girl, that is one magnificent photo…I just love that tiny purple lookin’ on. It’s like he’s sayin’ to the giant yellows, “I want to be you when I grow up!!!” Heeheehehehe!!!

    From the foggy hills and hollers of the majestic Missouri Ponderosa, ya’ll have yourselves a blessed and beautiful week now, ya hear!!!

  12. sweet little purple one

  13. Don’t feel so bad Frida… our crocuses and tulips are just peaking out of the ground… and we are still getting snow:)….peter:)

  14. I like the muted colors and the shallow DOF here.

  15. Lovely and I so like that little spot of blue creeping in 🙂

  16. Beautiful. Love the little spot of blue

  17. Yeah to spring even though today was a little chilly in Stockholm! Back to the USA tomorrow! Love your country!

  18. The flowers looking happy all the same. Very pretty and full of promise of spring to come.

  19. Gorgeous, Frida. We had nifght frost last night, so our temps went down, too. (sigh) But now it’s April. We KNOW spring is coming back to stay….

  20. wonderful and fascinting this flower so much more in your photo

  21. Wonderful!

  22. Absolutely nice color, very well done Frida

  23. beautiful . love this tiny purple flower 😉

  24. Sad to see the crocuses fall to returning snow. I have yet to see one this spring which is late, very late.

  25. Snyggt! Hoppas att ni slapp snön, här snöar det ordentligt så mina krokusar är snart översnöade.
    Ha en fin dag.

  26. Finally!!! wonderful low angle and colours! Our crocusses are already gone, sigh, they only had a short blooming this year – too warm I guess over the last weeks – now we have a cold phase again, and I hope the just opening star-magnolia blossoms don´t take it badly!

  27. Lovely colors, representing the spring very good I think! 🙂

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