On a road to nowhere…

On a road to nowhere
  1. Amazing, i’m fan, great shot !

  2. I’m a big fan of old shacks like these…

  3. I like the neutral tones in this, Frida.

  4. such a great shot. love the sky. thanks, for sharing at barn charm. do take care. (:

  5. nice warm scene captured here.. 🙂

  6. really awesome work here.

  7. I love all the like-tones, the linear perspective and the composition–very cool shot!

  8. Great muted colors in this landscape. It’s as if the ‘house’ is really lying at the end of the road!

  9. Very cool cloud formations behind and above the barn. It almost looks like it was raining up there but not on the ground!

  10. marvelous tones

  11. What a delightful scene. It makes me curious and want to investigate that building 🙂

  12. fab texture and tone…these, this road shot is so special.

  13. Captivating!

  14. Hi Frida,

    Wonderful perspective & capture! That old barn is awesome

    Thanks for joining =)

  15. very simple, tranquil and yet sophisticated – the mood and the colortones are just wonderful!

  16. absolutely stunning on every level. (looks like parts of arkansas)

  17. Really like this one.

  18. Snygg bild där jag verkligen älskar hur du jobbat med färgerna!

  19. great athmosphere

  20. Love the warm colors, and the markers for the snow.

  21. Now doesn’t that tell a story! I love the mood of this, Frida. This happens in the Netherlands, too…having structures so close to the road.

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