1. Vilken konstig blomma, den ser lite monsteraktig ut.

  2. the flower appears like it was dancing ballett

  3. Love the composition

  4. Underbart, det är bara så vackert…både naturen och ditt foto!

  5. DOF is very well done Frida

  6. Fantastic, looks a bit evil though. 🙂

  7. Gorgeous 🙂

  8. Beautiful deep colors. You have waited for this wonderful blossom and finally you got it.

  9. Beautiful Frida!!!

  10. i thought it looked like a snake’s head. aptly named flower.

  11. Härliga färger. Underbart vacker och skrämmande blomma.

  12. Wonderful rich color and pretty lines

  13. Fantastic colors. Wish I had a size reference. Big or small??

  14. Looks like one of those that would eat you if you came to close 😉

  15. finally looks so beautiful on you. lucky patients!

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