Pasqueflower – Pulsatilla vulgaris Mill.

Pulsatilla vulgaris Mill.
  1. Cool shot. So hairy.

  2. Fantastic backlight Frida!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous backlight. WOW!

  4. WOW, otroligt fin bild!

  5. I love the way the light catches each hair and lights it with fire.

  6. the backlight makes it miraculous!

  7. Lovely light indeed, feels warm. Good shot!

  8. Underbart motljus!

  9. Wonderful backlighting for this flower.

  10. Beautiful shot you got here. Love how it glows.

  11. Frida I’d echo what has already been said, it’s a great shot.

  12. The lighting is fabulous 🙂

  13. The light, the colours, the expression… how amazingly charming! Magical shot Frida!

  14. I like the rim-lighted effect in the fuzzy edges of this blossoms. Excellent color in this pleasing composition.

  15. Gorgeous shot! Love the light and that detail. My compliments.

  16. delicate lighting

  17. awesome your light result, you have created a wonderful effect, wonderful details

  18. wow!!….gorgeous Frida!! Beautiful colors…I know pulsatilla from homeopathy…great remedy!

  19. Fantastic colors and backlight. Love it!

  20. exceptional result with such bright backlighting. very nice.

  21. Very pretty Frida

  22. the rim lighting really makes this one shine.. love it! 🙂

  23. This really IS the joy of spring, Frida.

  24. This is lovely, Frida. Great light!

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