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  1. the color palette is perfect. so soft, so lovely. nicely done, frida.

  2. beautiful composition

  3. And what a dreamy image to accompany the words. Love the soft color…

  4. Stunning image – the quote fits quite well to the picture and the texture. Good job, Frida 🙂

  5. Nice comp and good job on the texture.

  6. Love the texture and the soft colors.

  7. I also have that dream 🙂

  8. Super nice texture, well done! 🙂

  9. So soft and dreamy Frida! A perfect card!

  10. Beautiful soft color and lovely work in post

  11. what a lovely creation Frida

  12. A perfect melding of image and words, so beautiful and artistic.

  13. Gorgeous, Frida!

  14. lovely texture

  15. Love the soft feeling, the detail in that center flower and the soft texture.

  16. and a beautiful dream surely

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