Like fire

Like fire
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  1. Wonderful photo! Love the colour and details.

  2. Stunning image, love the framing.

  3. yes, it is. your garden is doing well. we’re experiencing a drought.

  4. That’s the Florence’s Lily !!!
    very nice in the details, dof and beauty.

  5. the color appeals to me very much so

  6. lovely details and use of sweet light

  7. To me the flower is like a flame. That’s what’s so wonderful about summer — all the intense colors.

  8. amazing beauty, great colour

  9. This so reminds me of a volcano erupting! Beautiful!

  10. This is when a fire looks gorgeous, Frida!

  11. Stunning capture of this beautiful flower, Frida! Love the gorgeous orange glow it radiates!

  12. Perfect detail 🙂

  13. A beautiful lily nicely captured.

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