Little Prince Isak

Little Prince Isak
  1. like the curios glimpse.

  2. So cute!

  3. what a lovely portrait…such intelligent eyes and so perfectly captured.

  4. little prince, indeed!!!

  5. Sweet shot. What a gorgeous eyes. (stork bites are also called angel kisses.)

  6. his eyes are so beautiful! a prince indeed.

  7. What a cute baby. I like his expression. He appears to be a good subject for many future shots too.

  8. sweet

  9. Nice portrait and color… very pleasing!

  10. Hi there, Prince Isak. You have great eyes, in a few more years your mom will have to swat all the girls away from you 🙂

  11. ehehe awesome portrait….. simply fantastic

  12. Cute! I like his eyes.

  13. Great shot, I really like this portrait!

  14. lille plutten.

  15. Big eyes. Very nice.

  16. OMG. Look at those eyes!

  17. aaah, sweetie, what rash does he have… i feel for the little prince

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