National Day of Sweden June 6th

National Day of Sweden

The Royal Palace, Stockholm Sweden

  1. looks like the Kings Palace, isn’t. I like the details and colors in great lights of this beautiful shot!

  2. i didn’t know you had a palace. you’ve photographed it beautifully.

  3. An elegant building. I like all the flags on this special day.

  4. must be a holiday then.. enjoy your day off.. 🙂

  5. Love learning about Sweden!

  6. A bit of a dull royal palace I must say

  7. very modest looking palace which is really cool

  8. I love National Days, Frida. Congratulations.

  9. What a wonderful building.

  10. Have a happy holiday Frida!!!… i like the way that you framed the palace with the wall and arch from the other side of the river….peter:)

  11. neat capture

  12. Happy Happy National Day of Sweden! Very cool! =)

  13. Congratulation! May your country prosper as never before.

  14. A very non palace looking building. I do like you perspective on the building.

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