Wilma’s Playhouse v2.0

Wilma's Playhouse v2.0
Not quite finished yet but the necessities are there. The mailbox, birdhouse and the deckchair.

Wilma’s Playhouse v1.0

  1. I hope Wilma will realise some day, what a lucky girl she is, to have her own castle.
    🙂 Had to smile when I saw it.

  2. every child’s dream.

  3. that sure is one great playhouse to have! 😀

  4. Every child dreams of such a fantastic house and such a beautiful setting.

  5. lovely, i guess wilma is very happy with it 🙂

  6. she has already gone to live alone… that’s emancipation :)!!

  7. Adorable and how lucky she is!

  8. Oh..what fun! She’s the queen of her own castle!

  9. WOW. What a great place to play. Lucky Wilma 😉
    Have a nice weekend, Frida.
    And thanks a lot for your posts on my blog 🙂

  10. Wilma is one lucky child!

  11. Ååååååh! Jag vill också ha ett Wilmahus! 🙂 Det ser alldeles underbart ut.

  12. If she wasn’t in the picture it could well be a full blown house

  13. Wilma is one lucky little girl.

  14. One happy child!

  15. Looks like someone is spoiling someone. What a fun place for a little girl to play.

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