Bee beetle – Trichius fasciatus

Bee beetle

I saved this little beetle from drowning in my water bucket. He squeezed water from his wings with his legs as you can see on the picture. After a while he was dry and could fly away.

  1. excellent macro. love the details. he makes a willing model after you saved his life

  2. A good deed! I love the detailing here, what an amazing little creature…

  3. Even in death and decay you can find beauty, and this is now exception!

  4. I love bees so I’m with you on saving him, love the details here

  5. Den ser lite otäck ut 😉

  6. Can’t say I’m much of a bug person…but this image is just so exquisite in its detail!

  7. la fin de l’histoire est proche

  8. What a poor yet super fortunate fellow! Marvelous capture and touching story!!!

  9. This is a great macro Frida… and it is quite evident that the bug had been for a swim… nice of you to save him…..peter:)

  10. A fine close up of this fuzzy looking bee. Excellent detail and color.

  11. That is a fascinating little creature.

  12. Nice macro, detail, and colors. You sure know your bug names.

  13. wonderful macro with super focus and details !

  14. spectacular in details, awesome proposal

  15. wow! i never knew something like this existed! great shot! 😀

  16. he really looks exhausted !
    nice dof, details and diagonal line.

  17. Oh wow. The things we learn from Mother Nature!

  18. Brrrrr vilken äcklig liten insekt (jag har insektsfobi)och ryser till och med när jag ser en liten myra, hahaha, men bilden är jättefin… otroligt fin macrobild. Bra jobbat!

  19. brrr, ackward creature…

  20. A superb shot!

  21. wow, what a macro!

  22. What a curious creature, I have not heard of them before.

  23. oooooo så snygg bild!

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