Birds nest

Birds nest
  1. i guess those spots were made by beaks?

    • Oh no I wish, it’s a target practice box for our air rifle so no practicing for a while :-).

  2. I like this very much Frida… it looks like hunters have used this box for target practice for a lot of years… i hope that the nest is empty when hunting season opens again… great capture….peter:)

  3. Lovely find. Nice contrast between the natural and newness of the nest and the corrosion metal of container.

  4. nicely frames. almost an abstract.

  5. Now that is adorable!

  6. Lustigt ställe att bygga bo på.

  7. What a curious place to choose for a nest!

  8. They pick the strangest places.

  9. Birds are so adept to finding a good place for a nest. This is a fine shot of this one.

  10. a little treasure hidden, nice work

  11. Sweet, did little birdies were be born there

  12. That is so sweet. A condo for the birds.

  13. they choose some of the most unlikely places and make it work. it’s nice to see this.

  14. plenty of room in there for the family, huh! lol too cute =)

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