Lead or Follow

Lead or Follow
  1. yes, like a shepherd. beautifully distressed.

  2. Superb composition, Frida. I love colour, texture and the subject.

  3. What an image of elegance and unique artistic presentation! The quote just helps raise this to an even higher plane!

  4. That is a beautiful use of textures.

  5. your macro of the flower is excellent Frida and i love your treatment… the quote is the perfect way for us to lead… i like it… i like it a lot:)….peter:)

  6. Sweet! Love the texture.

  7. Vilken skön bild. Gillar valet av textur. Snyggt jobbat!!!

  8. Have always loved that quote! Beautiful image and love the layering!

  9. this is really beautiful, nice shot!

  10. A beautiful composition with such warm, appealing colors. Fine image!

  11. very lovely use of texture and processing of the image . great !

  12. Nice detail and color. Love the texture.

  13. good one, never heard the quote

  14. Gorgeous, Frida!

  15. I like this treatment that you have done to this image…nice and delicate!

  16. Great quote, I had to think about it and it makes sens to me.
    A wonderful macro, is that an orchid or a Amaryllis? Great colours.

  17. Lovely photo and quote.

  18. That is the only place to lead and I love your macro shot.

  19. very nice!! both photo and quote

  20. great macro beautiful colors

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