Our summer thus far…

Our summer thus far
  1. Wonderful gloomy mood! Colors and light are super nice here.

  2. This is so beautiful… the lighting is magical. It has an overall feeling of wistfulness… wanting to go home to this time yet the rain (which is a somehow a barrier) prevents us from doing so.

  3. Regn gör sig verkligen bra på bild men det är inte roligt att ha semester när det bara öser ner hela tiden.

  4. amazing summer shot

  5. i love the photograph. bravo!

  6. Great shot and so on the money

  7. gorgeous light!

  8. Love this , Frida . Sun and Rain and such a great mood !

  9. This is a beautiful capture of a rainy day Frida… i can just imagine the children looking out of this window at the swings waiting for it to stop… superb image….peter:)

  10. delightful rain in the sunshine! we so need the rain. beautifully captured, frida. love those swings.

  11. Wonderful!

  12. oh, no
    we had 30+ degrees…

  13. a soaked summer, eh? bummer.. made this scene look nice though.. 🙂

  14. That is so nice with the sun streaming in. Did you get any rainbow shots?

  15. It’s been so dry here – just seeing the rain makes my heart yearn for some. Beautiful image!

  16. The rain and sun is just a beautiful combination here.

  17. Wonderful capture! We would love to have some of this rain!

  18. I like the yellows and the sun flare. Am I seeing rain or texture?

  19. A bit of rain and sun every day? Kinda like our very cool summer, too, Frida. This is beautiful.

  20. So you have the rain, while we are dry. Such craziness, though I do love the way you captured your rainy day!

  21. That is the way ours is too, but you have made it look very pretty 🙂

  22. A beautiful backlit shot. It also has a soft mood about it suggesting it would make a good abstract too. Beautifully taken.

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