Fika is something very Swedish a Gofika is a Fika with something sweet to eat.

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  1. what a delight this is. love the processing for it.

  2. I love the kaleidoscope of colour!

  3. that looks yummy.. 😀

  4. Looks yummy

    Sorry I haven’t been by this week, am on a trip to France at the moment

  5. What a feast for the eyes! Your image tickles my taste buds…

  6. They look a bit like cupcakes. Very nice photo.

  7. That looks very yummy 🙂 Great shot…

  8. Åh, det ser riktigt gott ut… jättefin bild oxå!

  9. They look delicious!

  10. Oh..these look amazing! So colorful and fun!!!

  11. yummy!!!
    beautiful food photography

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