Sweet dreams…

Sweet dreams
  1. the soft color palette is so perfect. i like this.

  2. Hi Frida, This is a beautiful image. Love the subtle colour saturation and focus.

  3. this is so soft and ethereal — lovely

  4. A delicate, very appealing image for its softness and great color. Fine work.

  5. stunning

  6. So much softness, Frida. I love it 🙂

  7. lovely composed…well done Frida 🙂

  8. such lovely processing. very nicely presented

  9. So soft and gentle, it is delightful 🙂

  10. Absolutely exquisite!! Soft magic….

  11. THE perfect title Frida! Just lovely!

  12. delicate and soft, just what I love in flowers

  13. sweet & subtle.. 😉 nice catch!

  14. Wonderfully soft and relaxing. A very pleasing image.

  15. Soft, subtle, superb, wonderful. Love it.

  16. Gorgeous pastel color palette and artistic texture work. Love the magical, dreamy feel your image has!

  17. delicate lightnass, perfect presentation

  18. Very pretty Frida

  19. That’s so lovely, Frida!

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