Fairytale forest III

Fairytale forest III
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  1. Lovely!

  2. superb, frida. love the brilliant red.

  3. Ah, yes. I especially like those little points of light at the tips of the blades of grass.

  4. My, my… This is a winner. I’m sucker for these kind of low angle shots. Every centimeter in this photo is full of wow factor details… Like i’m entering a whole new miniature world!

  5. nice details

  6. so lush & vibrant, so full of life! great catch.. 🙂

  7. WoW! Love the detail and the vibrant colors. Very nice!

  8. Wonderful! Love the focus and the details.

  9. Really nice shot! Love those droplets on the end of the grass blades

  10. Ce champignon est sublimé, c’est une merveille de photo, j’adore !

  11. Wow, that mushroom is really red! Great angle, great closeup!

  12. love the dewdrops on the grass blades, excellent image

  13. Beautiful miniature world! The numerous water droplets create a fascinating, dreamy mood.

  14. Very pretty 🙂

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